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Tips to Get Scratches Out of Wooden Furniture Surfaces Written by Blake Sherman Have some furniture that has gotten damaged by scratches? Scratches in wood unfortunately make a piece of furniture  Read our tips and tricks that we’ve learned from fixing used furniture and scratch & dent furniture from the past 15 years. We recommend testing a small area first to make sure the chosen method fits well!  Using Tea to Remove Scratches Repairing scratches is surprisingly easier than you think, grab a cup of tea (or two) and get started. Make sure not to have tea on the wood...

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Written by Blake Sherman on 4/19/2021 Fixing Stains on Wooden Furniture Sometimes, wood furniture will get damaged slightly from everyday activities. Don’t worry about those issues too much though, we have some tips and tricks to share with you. We have put together a simple list of remedies from our years of fixing returned, used and scratch & dent furniture. Problems and Fixes Removing water marks/rings from wooden furniture: Solution: Get an unused, clean thick paper or cloth blotter over the stain. and  press down with a warm iron, but not too hot;  repeat until moisture is lifted out of...

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