Lane Furniture Shipment – Sectionals & Dining Sets

Lane Furniture Shipment – Sectionals & Dining Sets

Lane Furniture Shipment – In stock

Take a look at this list of dining room and living room furniture that we are expecting to be shipped soon into our store. These are all brand new pieces from Lane Home Furnishings. Send us a text at (860) 272-6829 or send us a message to let us know if you’re interested in a certain piece.

In this shipment, we had:

Types of Furniture
Pub Table Set
Dining Set
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dining Bench
Living Room Set
Right Facing Sectional
Left Facing Sectional

Click the item name of the piece to see a picture of the furniture!

Item Name Price
Everett Grey Space Saver 5 Piece Pub Set $595.95
Hawthorne Grey 6 Piece Dining Set $650.00
Lexington 7 Piece Dining Set $795.00
Trenton Charcoal Round Dining Set with 4 Chairs $620.00
Boston Linen Living Room Sofa $550.00
Boston Linen Living Room Loveseat $500.00
Boston Linen Living Room Set $950.00
Zena Dove Couch/Sofa $550.00
Zena Dove Loveseat $500.00
Zena Dove Living Room Set $950.00
Zena Dove 2-Piece Sectional Sofa $1,250.00
O’Connor Hemp 2-Piece Sectional $1,295.00
O’Connor Clove 2-Piece Sectional $1,295.00
Grandstand Flannel Sofa $625.00
Grandstand Flannel Loveseat $595.00
Grandstand Flannel Living Room Set $1,250.00
Grandstand Flannel Sectional – 2 Available $1,250.00



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