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Remy’s Furniture Warehouse is a family-owned furniture store started in 2020. Our warehouse is located in Suffield, CT. We offer a mixture of furniture: new furniture, overstock furniture, liquidated furniture, scratch-and-dent furniture, home decor, and returned furniture. All our furniture comes from retailers! We eventually will offer pre-owned furniture.

Why are we located in a Warehouse?

You may be wondering why we sell furniture out of a warehouse. We do this because we want to lower costs all across the board. It lets us have lower overhead costs, so we can furniture prices low.

showroom of remys furniture warehouse

How did we get our name?

Well, the name “Remy” came from our family dog named Remy! She is a sweet little pitbull. We wanted to use our last name, Sherman but it was already taken unfortunately! We figured we could use a mascot to get you a sweet deal!

Here's a Quick Video of Our Store

Owner’s Note

We do our best to find quality furniture & home decor at lower prices! We usually never we are getting when our truckloads come in. Our inventory is always changing and stuff goes fast! If you like something, don’t wait until next time you come!

Meet the Team

We are a sibling team. Blake and Katelin Sherman-Case. 

Blake has a background in selling used & new furniture. He also works in digital marketing running SEO & PPC campaigns at SL Development.

Katelin has a background in Finance, works for UPS Capital as a Senior Portfolio Manager, and has a MBA in Entrepreneurial Thinking & Innovative Practices. 




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