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Galaxy 1" Electric Adjustable Bed Base

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Looking for an adjustable base that can go on top of a wood deck or slat kit?

The Galaxy solves all these problems. Head and foot adjustment, wireless remote, low profile mesh fabric deck. The boxes are lighter and half the size of conventional adjustable bases, they are easier to handle.

Optional head board bracket, optional 2” leg spacer to adjust height and optional 9” adjustable leg providing a distance off the floor from 11.875” to 18” for the mattress. 

Warranty is 2 years on parts and frame, all for the original owner. 

If two people want a king size sleeping surface to have independent adjustment of head and foot sections, purchase two XL Twin adjustable bases and two XL Twin mattresses. 

If two people want to be at the same points of adjustment for head and foot then purchase the King adjustable base and a king mattress. 

When the consumer installs 2 nine volt batteries the base will go to flat position in the event of a power failure.



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